We came into being on account of the absence of Puerto Rican/Latino Fine Art visibility in Buffalo & Western New York, missing in the halls of the major art institutions in the western New York community.

Our vision is to introduce  knowledge, information, and education about our Puerto Rican/Latino painters, like Jose Campeche, Friscisco Oller, Rafael Tufino, and many other Puerto Rican/Latino great artists, ESPECIALLY INTRODUCING AND PROMOTING THE WORK OF OUR LOCAL ARTISTS.

The Buffalo Lower West Side Latino Art Gallery wants to foster community pride through Puerto Rican/Latino arts and culture education.

The Buffalo Lower West Side Latino Art Gallery will serve as a vehicle to increase cross-cultural and inter-generational understanding and appreciation.

The ultimate vision of the Buffalo  Lower West Side Latino Art Gallery is to establish a strong and viable Puerto Rican/Latino institution dedicated to the arts of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America — reaching the national and international community.