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HUGO MEDINA — Hugo’s artwork is a reaction to current events, a social commentary that is integral to the inclusion of important underrepresented perspectives. He is a natural observer of the working-class and migrant communities around the world, He is inspired by their resilience and hardships, connecting the commonalities of human struggle which mirror the experiences his family endured migrating to the United States from Bolivia. His work focuses on transcending borders by capturing humanity, rendering complex and sometimes conflicting emotions of individuals striving for better lives throughout the world. He researches and explores universal issues of migration and immigration to express fleeting feelings, moments, and states of being that endure the journey and remains in our psyche, molding our identity and impacting generations to come. Here are two links where you can find more information about this excellent Latino artist:

1. Hugo Medina: In His Own Words – Phoenix Art Museum (

2. Meet Hugo Medina: Father, Husband, Artist – SHOUTOUT ARIZONA


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Each image is $20 plus $5 to cover shipment and handling. East image is 13 x 19, glossy quality. Frames are disigned digitally. Mailed within 1-2 weeks. You can also order by check or money order, payable to Buffalo Latino Gallery, c/o Buffalo Latino Village, PO Box 742, Buffalo, NY 14209. — (Note: We will put you in direct contact with the artist or his representative should you be interested purchasing any of his original paintings).


You can also pay by check or money order. Just email us ( telling us the items you are purchasing (BY TITLE OR LETTER) and mail a check or money order payable to Buffalo Latino Art Gallery, c/o of Buffalo Latino Village, PO Box 742, Buffalo, NY 14209.