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We will put you in direct contact with the Artist if you’re interested in purchasing the original.

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The Work of Marsha Anderson — Great painting by one of our own Latina local artists. She goes by the name of “Marsha.” Let us know what you think about these pieces. I just purchased one and my wife loved it immediately. The work has so many images, each time you look at it, it changes position. Look at it and let me know what you think. I will be posting more of her work soon. I’m looking around my house to find a home for it. Here are some of her paintings, plus a photo of the artist, Marsha. She will be offering original and limited prints of her work. Stay tuned for more information.  PS: Seriously look at the painting, and give us feedback —– Artist Feedback.

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The work of Marsha Anderson Artwork

Images are 13×19, glossy; Local Buffalo Artist, images are $20, add $5 to cover mailing and shipment outside of Buffalo, NY. —- Frames are digitally created.