The Digital Eye of Alberto O. Cappas

From the Latin Gallery:

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Alberto O. Cappas is a poet, writer, author, and publisher. He is a life-time community activist, born in Puerto Rico, raised in Manhattan’s mid-town known as “Manhattan Valley.” Prior to coming to Buffalo, he was living in East Harlem.

Each Poster/Print is $15, 13 x 19, matte or glossy, no frame.  Send payment, check or money order, payable to Buffalo Latino Village, PO Box 742, Buffalo, NY 14209.

Photos were taken by poet/writer, Alberto O. Cappas, with an apple telephone, motivated by the political nature of America’s condition and the present political situation. The completion of the work was done with the cooperation of the computer, a partner in the digital creative process.

We accept payment via paypal as well.

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Gentrification/ 2. Troubled Colors / 3. Boricua Roots / 4. Gentrification: Attack against the Lower West Side / 5. Dominican-Puerto Rican Brotherhood / 6. Buffalo Boricuas / 7. Buffalo Boricua Bills / 8. Making America White Again / 9. Cherry Eyes / 10. Transforming / 11. Pain / 12. Kidnapped / 13. Freedom / 14. Breaking the Status quo / 15. Red State

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