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The mission of the Online Latino Art Gallery 

(Project of the Buffalo Lower West Side Latino Art Gallery)

Project Description:

Online Latino Art Gallery: By supporting each other is the success of Each Other.”


Introduce Latino Art — via Latino images and posters — to the Latino community.  The goal is to solicit all businesses to support and provide a dedicated “free wall space” in their establishment to post and feature Latino Art throughout the year.

Vision: Turning the  lower west side into a “community art gallery.” Our community is not visiting or going to art galleries, expressing little interest in comparison to other communities.  Therefore, we will bring the art gallery to the community. This project will create an opportunity to generate education, information, and an appreciation for Latino Art by “posting in it your face” strategy.

By creating a Latino community art presence, we provoke and challenge the mind. Step by step, we introduce the community to the world of Art, exposing them to our great Puerto Rican/Latino artists, such as Jose Campeche, Rafael Tufino, Francisco Oller, and other great Latino artists, but with a top priority of supporting and working with the local Latino Artists in Buffalo & NYS.

Target areas: All appropriate businesses and community agencies on the west side (Niagara Street, from City Hall to Porter).

Sale of Artwork: The posters/prints will be available for purchase — at $20.00 each. We pay commissions to the business establishment — $3 per image sold. The Artists get a royalty of $7 per image sold. The remaining $10 is invested in the cost and labor of the  Online Latino Art Gallery project so we can continue this work on your behalf — you do the pain, and we will do what we can to market and promote your work.

All images 12 by 18 or 13 by 19, printed on a glossy or matte quality paper (without framing).  The cost for printing is paid by Online Latino Art Gallery.

 Secondary vision: 

To establish a physical location to house a Latino Art Gallery where we can invite artists to exhibit their work. In addition, we will be able to sponsor book parties, seminars, workshops, and speakers, and provide related cultural events such as poetry, dance, and music. This will be the place where we will have original work for sale, based on approval by the artist.