Latino Online Art Gallery

Project in Development Stages / In Progress

Email us at for information on how to take advantage of displaying your work to market, promote,  and sell.
This is an example or idea of what we are working on; by the time we are fully open for business, or in operation, our artists will have their own page, exhibiting their pieces, and available to purchase.
If you are an artist or an art lover looking for art by our Puerto Rican and Latino Artists, drop us a line below so we can provide you more information, and keep you posted on our progress.


“Want your online gallery? —- For $50 per year, we will display your work, a brief bio, description of your work, and up to four (4) images, and where people can purchase your work. You can even include reviews. 

This is how it works:

We have a project where for only $50 we feature up to 4 of your paintings, with description of each painting, painter’s bio, link to where one can purchase original work, and up to ten (10) links relating to your work or paintings. If you want to include more of your paintings, we charge $5 for each additional painting, no more then 20.

With your permission, and agreement, we will produce, at our expense, affordable prints for sale, glossy, 12 inches by 18 inches.  Payment of 60% to artist, 40% to Buffalo Latino Art Gallery.

We both will sign an MOU with your payment ($50 yearly) via PayPal or by check.

The set-up is a dedicated page for your online art gallery. You name it and describe it. We do the rest.

Interested? Email us at I want to be featured at the Buffalo Latino Art Gallery!

Payments are made by check or money order to: Buffalo Latino Village, PO Box 742, Buffalo, NY 14209.

Note: Check out our Facebook page – Buffalo Latino Online Gallery

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