A Project for the PUBLIC SCHOOLS


(Paintings by local Puerto Rican Artist, Arlene Tucker)
The Buffalo Latino Educational Project: We want to expose our children and youth to the world of Puerto Rican/Latino fine art and other related discipline. This exposure to the art will help inform and educate our young community, our young generation about the many great Puerto Rican/Latino painters in the world.
The 20 Art Project:  Exhibit the work of the selected, sole artist, limited to twenty paintings (reproductions).
Example of Art Exhibit: The Buffalo Latino Educational Project will consist of  Puerto Rican/Latino Painters, such as:
Jose Campeche, Francisco Oller, Manuel Jordan, Augusto Marin, Ramon Frade, Rafael Tufino, Fernando Diaz Markenna, Carlos Osorio, Pablo Marcano Garcia, Elizabeth Erazo Baez, Joabel Ortiz, Samuel Lind, and others (list in progress).
We will provide a guidebook with brief bios of the Artist with a description of the paintings.
We charge a fee of $500 (five hundred dollars) for exhibit, which includes a Campeche staff member available to answer any questions about the exhibit or the painters.
You can sponsor the exhibit up to three days. Arrangements can be made to extend the exhibition additional days, but must pay $100 (one-hundred dollars) for each extra day.
The initial step is for our staff to meet with the appropriate school personnel to explain procedures, expectations, and school schedule.
Please fill out the following form if interested in having the Buffalo Latino Art Gallery exhibit at your school.